© PLI GLOBAL ENTERPRISES  2015 CEO-MARTELL JOHN Ernest Martell John, (born September 29 in Galveston, TX) better known as Sir Tell, was raised in the (Wicked City) Dickinson, TX. Although a three sport letterman in high school and later accepting a baseball scholarship in 1989 to college, Martell always had a love for music. Growing up as a teen, Sir Tell competed and won many talent shows around the Galveston and Houston areas. He was known for his smooth style, his laid back delivery and most of all his stage presence. It wasn't long after returning home from college that Sir Tell pursued a serious music career. In 1992, Sir Tell was a major part of a four-member hip hop group called G.C.P. aka Gulf Coast Project. G.C.P. had a large fan base and growing buzz in the Houston area. Even today you still hear G.C.P. slang around town. Later they took their talents on the road traveling from, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and California; eventually the group ended up on the world-famous Apollo stage in Harlem, NY. MEET THE TEAM ARTIST FOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME FOLLOW ME FARANHITE  (ARTIST) Faranhite was born on March 10, 1981 as Farand Dwayne John in Webster, Texas.He grew up in the (Wicked City) Dickinson, Texas where he excelled in Football and Baseball in high school. Faranhite graduated in 1999 and accepted a baseball scholarship to Southern University in Baton Rouge, La. where he earned his Bachelor's Of Science degree in Business Management.He always had a love for hip-hop growing up in the South.  Faranhite quickly found his self picking up the pad and pen at age 7 becoming a lyricists. While in college Faranhite found time to get in the studio and record songs following his brother Martell John aka "Sir Tell" footsteps.  Formerly of the well known group G.C.P. from the Houston area.  Faranhite was influenced by U.G.K., Eight Ball & MJG, Scarface, Tupac Shakur, Notorious Big and many others in the hip-hop world.Faranhite is also a lover of the old school music which he always enjoyed with his parents growing up. Although the Houston area is known for a certain sound, Faranhite's delivery and swag is like none heard coming from the South before. HIZZLETONE (PRODUCER) Hizzletone was born Gerald LeVan Hill on August 17,1974. Hizzletone grew up in Dickinson,TX. where he was taught to play drums by his mother and father & his oldest brother at the age of 6yrs. old. Hizzletone begin to produce beats in 1991 for a local rap group called Notorious Syndicate. The group later, in 1994 parted ways, but it would'nt stop there.    As years went on, Hizzletone adopted a style of his own by mixing various genres of music, such as, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, and a touch of Gospel. In 2005, Hizzletone colaborated with his cousin from Richmond,CA. and began producing for an indy label G-Pop Records. In that same year, Hizzletone produced two tracks for Faranhite of P.L.I. Global Enterprises and in the same year produced music for J-Knight of JS-13. In 2007, Hizzletone begin producing music for an indy label called 1st Fam and later produced music for a group called The OMC in 2009.    In the spring of 2010, Hizzletone teamed up with P.L.I. Global Enterprises producing mass music for the label. The playalistic music combined with playa like lyrics is what makes this label very unique. Inspired and influenced by various producers like DJ Quik, Pimp C, DJ Toomp and many others create a sound like none other than his own. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of playalike music produced by Hizzletone. BEAsT MASTER (PRODUCER)  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jeffrey(Sadik) McNeil aka "The BEAsTMASTER" is a well known figure in the H-Town music community. As the nephew of jazz and blues legend Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Sadik started producing at the age of 17 and has worked with such notable artists as ESG, Devin the Dude, K-Rino, and more. During a 13 year span, Sadik studied Music & Video Business at the Art Institute of Houston and has worked in music retail, managing Houston's largest independently own record store, Soundwaves. Along with Hizzletone, Sadik started Wicked BEAsT, the in-house production team for PLI Global Enterprise. FOLLOW ME